Continent Environmental and Industrial Hydropower Division

Trưởng phòng: PGS.TS. Đinh Văn Mạnh
Điện thoại: (84-24) 38329706 , di động: 0982591169
Email: [email protected]

Lực lượng cán bộ:

Lực lượng nghiên cứu 9 cán bộ, trong đó có 01 GS.TSKH, 01 PGS.TS, 02 tiến sĩ, 05 thạc sĩ.

    PGS. TS Bùi Đình Trí
    GS. TSKH Dương Ngọc Hải
    TS Nguyễn Hồng Phan
    TS Nguyễn Văn Thắng
    ThS Hà Tiến Vinh
    ThS Trương Thị Phượng
    ThS Lưu Vũ Phương Thảo
    ThS Nguyễn Văn Tùng
    ThS Nguyễn Quang Thái



    Modern measurement and experimental equipment in fluid mechanics, multiphase flows, computer network with simulation softwares AsiaRain, DUFLOW, ISC, LADM, ResSim, PIPE, TELEMAC etc. and with internet connection.


       Thermo-hydrodynamic problems in the energy industry.
       Technology of optimal exploitation and safe transportation of high paraffin, high viscous crude oil.
       Technology of forecasting and strategies of flood protection and prevention for  the Red River delta.
       Technology of calculating, forecasting and monitoring of environmental pollution (atmosphere, surface and underground water and etc.).

Major Achievements

       To be responsible for and participate in a number of projects of national, ministerial scientific and technical programs such as Environmental Protection & Natural Disaster Prevention, Information & Communication Technology, Marine & Marine Construction, Fundamental Study in Natural Science etc.;
       Application & development of the advanced technolgy in energy industry, crude oil exploitation and transport, flood forecasting, air/water pollution etc.