Department of Mechatronics and Automation

Trưởng phòng: TS. NCVC. Đỗ Trần Thắng
Điện thoại: 024 37623114
Email: [email protected]

Lực lượng cán bộ:

Lực lượng nghiên cứu 5 cán bộ, trong đó có 01 tiến sĩ, 02 thạc sĩ, 02 NCV

    TS.NCVC. Đỗ Trần Thắng
    ThS.NCVC. Nguyễn Thị Hồng Hạnh
    ThS. Lê Chí Công
    CN. Khuất Duy Huy
    KS. Trần Văn Việt 


    Control equipments: PLC S7-300 of Siemens, Toothed – Belt Feed facility ZF1-isel, servo motor, etc.
    Software packages: Alaska, Nastran, Simatic S7-300, WinCC, Protool,


     Research on Mechatronics: designing, simulating, integrating mechatronic products: robot systems, industrial automation systems, wind power station and other renewable energy systems.

    Deployment of mechatronic applications and technologies: consulting, prototyping, manufacturing mechatronic systems for training, manufacturing and other applied areas.
    Education and training in Mechatronics:training and teaching courses in co-operation with local and international universities and research institutes.

Major Achievements

    Coordinated and participated in many ministerial and national projects.
    Taught Mechatronics courses at College of Technology, Vietnam National University of Hanoi, and Hanoi University of Technology.
    Published many papers on peer-reviewed national and international journals and conferences. Hosted and organized two national and one Vietnam-based international conferences on Mechatronics.
    Won a Techmart Gold Medal.

    HEXAPOD robot PR6-01, 5 degree of freedom robot kit SR5, 1500W wind power station.
    Software for computation, dynamic simulation and robot control (serial, parallel and mobile robots); a Mechatronics handbook; and other products.